Microsoft says all gamers are looking at Xbox this week

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Thanks to Kinect and Call of Duty: Black Ops, Microsoft claims that the eyes of every gamer are turned toward the Xbox 360. UK marketing beast Stephen McGill made the bold claim, believing that the double whammy of Kinect and COD will ensure victory for his company this season.

“I think [core gamers’] eyes are on Xbox and Kinect,” he says. “They’re on Xbox because the best place to play Black Ops is on Xbox 360 — it’s the only place you’re going to get that exclusive content first and that’s a big deal for gamers. I think Kinect is a big deal for gamers too and I think they’re interested in that too.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of Black Ops under Christmas trees and I think there’s going to be a lot of Kinect under the Christmas tree.”

Of course, I’d have been able to dispute the whole “best on Xbox 360” thing if somebody hadn’t made a complete mess of the PC version. Makes you wonder if they did that on purpose, what with suckling at Microsoft’s teet all the time. 

MS: ‘All eyes are on Xbox this week’ [CVG]

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