Microsoft rumored to announce ‘Avatar Kinect’ at CES

“Avatar Kinect.” What could it be? One would imagine it will in some way involve players controlling their Xbox Avatars by moving about in real life. Perhaps the greater question — should that description prove to be accurate — is why would someone want to do such a thing?

I suppose we’ll have to wait until Wednesday evening for Microsoft’s CES keynote. Dale will be at the show, and at least one of us will have an eye on the livestream of the event; either way, we’ll let you know about this mystery project.

The above photo was taken backstage in Vegas, so, like, it’s got to be legit. Curious minds must know why that Avatar is hunched over like that.

Microsoft preparing ‘Avatar Kinect’ game for CES Announcement? [Glimpse Dog via CVG]

Jordan Devore
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