Microsoft responds to ‘Dot of Death’ allegations

While this might just be one of those things that is getting blown out of proportion thanks to the fact that the previous model of the Xbox 360 crashed more often than a Kennedy on a bender, it has been reported that the new Xbox 360 “Slims” are getting a “Dot of Death” from overheating much as their predecessors did.

The new 360s cannot get a RRoD, of course, because they have no red lights and they have that handy shutdown feature, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them from crashing. Microsoft has responded to the issue with this quote:

“We couldn’t be more proud of the consoles we are building now, as well as the new Xbox 360. This console is the culmination of years of continuous innovation in design, testing and learning. Today we are confident we are shipping a high quality product.”

Uhhh, thanks for not responding to the issue at all. Glad you think you’ve been innovating and all that, but if these new 360s are going to pull the same sh*t the old ones did we’re just going to have to keep buying them and playing your games like we did on those as well. That’ll show you, Microsoft.

Microsoft Responds To 360 Red Dot Claims [NowGamer, via Ripten]

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