Microsoft puts the rush on cooler CPUs for 360

Hey, Microsoft, what’s the rush? It’s not like there’s a huge problem with our Xbox 360s or anything.

Actually, there is a huge problem. You probably already know about the recent warranty extension offered to Xbox 360 owners, giving them a full three years of coverage for the consoles that are thought to be over 30% defective. Maybe they’re trying to set things right.

The word leaked out of Asian component manufacturers that Microsoft is cracking the whip on the new Xbox 360 mainboard project known as “Falcon”. This system replaces old, fatty 90-nanometer processor and graphics chips with 65-nanometer ones, letting the system run cooler with less power consumption. It also stands to save MS up to 50% of previous manufacturing costs.

This is in line with rumors of an upcoming price drop for the Xbox 360 later this year, prossibly right before the holiday season.

It’s good to hear that some ‘good’ Xbox 360s are coming our way, but we would love to know if our current ailing consoles will be relplaced by the “Falcon” versions under this three year warranty extension.

[via Xbox 360 Wire

Dale North