Microsoft: Publishers ‘struggle’ on Wii

This morning we told you how Sony tried to diminish the Wii’s achievements in the hopes we’d pay attention to PlayStation Move. This afternoon, we give you Microsoft diminishing the Wii’s achievements in the hopes we’ll pay attention to Project Natal. Aaron Greenberg has mounted a solid attempt to make the Wii sound terrible, claiming that publishers struggle on the system. 

“Over 70% of third parties that are selling games today are actively making games for Project Natal,” claims the minister of propaganda. “A couple of things play into that: People know we’re a software company, we have the best tools and internal support; and second, people who buy Xbox 360 buy a lot of games. Third parties have really thrived on our platform.

“Look at Wii — while it’s done really well, third parties have struggled, so we’ve left a lot of room for people to believe in the ecosystem, and Natal is a part of that.”

Of course, I’m sure the publisher struggles haven’t come as a result of market saturation, lazy ports, and a lack of confident marketing in quality products. I’m sure it’s entirely the Wii’s fault and that Microsoft’s slew of casual games will totally appeal to the mass market. Oh, that reminds me, how did LIPS turn out again?

Greenberg: Publishers ‘struggle’ on Wii [CVG via Edge magazine]

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