Microsoft nabs a Halo Kinect domain, brain explodes

A domain name of was purchased by Microsoft. CVG says the purchase happened in the summer of last year? Does that make sense? Whatever. It looks like it’s going to be a thing.

I can’t imagine what this would look like as a game, though. It’s a good thing that this isn’t my problem to figure out. I got the shooting, aiming and grenade tossing figured out in my head, but I have no flippin’ idea how you’d do character movement. March in place? Lean forward? 

Maybe it’s 343 Industries’ job to figure this out. They’re supposedly at work on a “new high profile Halo experience.” Halo Kinect game or no, it’ll be interesting to see what they’re working on.

Would you be down for a Halo controlled by Kinect?

Dale North