Microsoft making a game for ‘core’ PC gamers’

Got a PC? Consider yourself better than console gamers? Waiting for the next Crysis in order to turn your computer into a gigantic surrogate penis? It seems that Microsoft has heard you, and is all set to deliver. A new game is in the works from the Xbox 360 manufacturer, but this one isn’t for the console kiddies. 

Microsoft is aiming to market to the GPU and CPU upgraders of the world, with spokesman Dave Luehman stating that there’s a game in the works aiming to “really encourage that type of behaviour.”

Luehman also states that Microsoft is committed to PC gaming, and that more announcements will come. Apparently, it’s all about manipulating a “funnel” that ranges from casual PC gamers right down to the “core MMO gamers.” 

It all sounds good on paper, but given Microsoft’s recent stumblings in the PC game arena, forgive me for remaining skeptical. 

Microsoft PC chief: Unannounced game aimed at GPU, CPU upgraders [VG247]

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