Microsoft made a Sonic movie Xbox One console, this is not a joke

It was revealed last night before April Fools

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is out digitally following a stint in theaters, where it beat the coronavirus  drought and managed to score $306 million at the box office, well over its estimated $80-95 million budget with plenty of room to factor in marketing costs.

It was a rip-roaring success with families, and now the movie Sonic (well not that movie Sonic, the new/fixed one) is coming home to roost: literally, in your home, as an Xbox One. Microsoft has unveiled this gaudy but silly blue Xbox One, which has Sonic’s giant face emblazoned on the top and a tacky “Sonic” logo that covers the faceplate (and part of the controller), which is just as overt as the Olive Garden advertising in the film.

Microsoft says you just need to retweet this one tweet with an end date of April 14, and one person will be chosen to take the console home: that’s literally all there is to it. As a note, this is a recent-design Xbox One X custom. Oh! And it is real: Microsoft even has a legalese page and everything, plus it was revealed late last night before April Fools took hold in the US.

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