Bethesda, 343 among studios reportedly affected by Microsoft layoffs

Halo Infinite

More information is coming out about how these layoffs will hit Xbox studios

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Microsoft confirmed earlier today that it will be laying off 10,000 employees. Reports have since circulated about how those layoffs affect studios within Microsoft, including those behind some big Xbox games.

Bloomberg reports that the Microsoft layoffs have affected workers at both 343 Industries and Bethesda, according to their sources. The scale of the cuts is not clear, but Bloomberg’s report notes that some of those affected include longtime Xbox veterans, who have been at the company for over a decade. In a follow-up tweet, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier says it sounds like the Halo Infinite team got “hit hard,” citing an email to staff from 343 head Pierre Hintze.

Kotaku also reports that 343 and Bethesda were affected, as well as Gears developer The Coalition.

In addition to layoffs, it seems like movement is also being made around 343 Industries. Schreier reports that Joseph Staten, who was brought on to help bring Halo Infinite development to a close, is leaving 343 to return to Xbox Publishing.

More details have been emerging throughout the day about how these cuts have affected Microsoft.

A shift for Xbox

In a public letter addressing the cuts today, CEO Satya Nadella confirms the 10,000 layoffs will take place from now through Q3 of fiscal year 2023. The news arrives one year after Microsoft announced its plan to purchase Activision Blizzard, a deal which is currently caught up with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

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