Microsoft is prepping a ‘big update’ for original Xbox backward compatibility

Scheduled for April 10, 6:30PM ET

Microsoft has been pivoting toward old game support quite a bit this generation, and for good reason — people have been asking for it, and its competitors aren’t supporting it.

Backward compatibility is a great thing, as it allows my old games to stay relevant in case my older systems die off, and given that Microsoft even allowed disc support, I’m pretty happy with my Xbox despite the lack of exclusives this past year. But one thing that the publisher has been rather quiet on is original Xbox backward compatibility, as there’s only 13 games currently supported.

That changes on April 10, as Microsoft has announced that a new episode of Inside Xbox will focus on that very topic, promising a “big update” to kick off the show. I could just list off a bunch of original Xbox games I want to see, but with just 13 currently there’s so many more that could eventually see the light of day — I’d rather just wait and see what’s coming!

Inside Xbox Episode 2 [Xbox Wire]

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