Microsoft is NOT considering Blu-ray: Rumors denied

Microsoft has stomped down recent rumors that it will consider Blu-ray support with the Xbox 360 following the death knell of HD DVD, Gizmodo reports. News that The ‘Soft may create a Blu-ray player for the 360 if consumer demand is high enough was countered by the company, which claims that quotes were taken out of context to create the story. In fact, Microsoft gave five reasons why the story is rubbish:

1. The “headline misconstrued the context of what [was] said.”
2. Microsoft is “not thinking about it.”
3. It is “fairly definitive” Microsoft is not doing it.
4. Microsoft has “no plans” to build anything Blu-ray.
5. Microsoft is “totally committed to HD DVD.”

Totally committed to HD DVD? Either Microsoft knows something we don’t, or it’s totally nuts. Stop me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t HD DVD failed miserably up until this point? We’re not going to tell Microsoft how to run itself, but considering that Blu-ray is looking like the way forward for hi-def formats, some consideration of support may be wise.

Then again, I really couldn’t care less about the stupid DVD format wars, so maybe I have missed something that still makes HD DVD the way forward. Despite what MS says however, surely it has to be at least considering it, unless pride is getting in the way of sense.

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