Microsoft hiring team members to help on Peter Jackson’s Halo title

Earlier today, MTV Multiplayer’s Patrick Klepek dug up some interesting Microsoft Game Studios job listings for a Creative Director, Producer, and Game Engineers to “help develop a new experience in the Halo universe.” Additionally, the listing for Creative Director specifically mentioned partnering with key Hollywood talent.

It’s easy to connect the dots — surely, the project in question must be the previously announced Halo: Chronicles being developed alongside film director Peter Jackson. But what about Bungie? Won’t they have some involvement in this project? Why do they need fresh blood? MTV asked Microsoft and a received a surprisingly candid, if not completely expected, response.

“Microsoft Game Studios has been hard at work collaborating with Peter Jackson and Bungie on the development of [the previously announced Halo project],” they told Multiplayer. “At this time, it’s necessary to grow the internal team to keep pace with development. Bungie will continue to remain involved in multiple aspects of the Halo Universe with MGS.”

“Necessary to grow,” eh? What is this game, important or something?

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