Microsoft has select Xbox One S consoles with a $50 gift code and free game

The ol’ standard freebies

Until October 20, Microsoft is running a selective sale on three Xbox One bundles. Buy one of the qualifying sets and you’ll receive a free $50 gift code (good for a future purchase at the Microsoft Store) and the usual Ubisoft freebie game (they must have an infinite supply of these to give away).

Which bundles qualify? Here’s the list:

Basically a price for every $50 tier. Want the latest Gears and a 1TB Xbox One S at $350? Or the $300 Minecraft bundle? There’s also the oldie Xbox One “Name Your Game” bundle from 2015 at $250.

What’s interesting about this sale is that the offer is extremely selectively, so we suspect Microsoft is holding a bit more stock than it wants on each of these units. The free games aren’t exactly anything to write home about, but free is free. The options are:

  • Watch Dogs
  • The Crew
  • Just Dance: Disney Party 2
  • Just Dance 2016

We were going to continue the joke about how Microsoft seems to have a warehouse full of these titles but it looks like Watch Dogs is now OOS as a free choice. So you know what do: Just Dance: Disney Party 2. Yah baby.