Microsoft: Financial problems make consoles more attractive

Microsoft has published research which seems to indicate that UK consumers will be looking at digital entertainment — and of course the Xbox 360 — as a way of dealing with the current economic downturn.

The study — which polled around 1000 people — states that just under half of all people asked are looking for one gift this year that the whole family can enjoy, while 42% are planning to buy fewer, but more “special” gifts.

“Gifts that the whole family can enjoy, and which negate the need for expensive family outings to have fun, are what shoppers are looking for this year,” says Ray Martin of YouGov. “42% of those asked want to find gifts that bring the family together, with 72% of them wanting to find presents that ‘keep on giving’ throughout the year.”

Despite the obvious agenda at work in Microsoft’s research, it would seem that the “recession-proof” status given to the games industry by experts, as well as suggestions from other bodies that games consoles are perceived as having lasting value, seem to indicate that gaming devices don’t have too much to worry about this Christmas.

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