Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty to 1 year, clumsy children rejoice!

In a move designed to stave off comparison to a certain Ebenezer this holiday season, Microsoft has extended the out of the box warranty on it’s Xbox 360 systems from 90 days to one whole year to coincide with what the current warranty on it is in other regions.

We applaud Microsoft for this action, and it proves once again that their gaming division is the most scrupulous part of the company. While the rest of the behemoth is focused on smashing Steve Jobs into incorporeal atoms and burning Linus Torvalds’ eyes out like some kind of otherworldly eye-burning thing, the gaming division seems dead set on playing kissy face with Nintendo and providing children all over the world (or, at least those whose parents really love them) with the joys of electronic gaming.

I can almost picture Bill running to his window covered in sweat and screaming at a poor urchin boy on the street below to tell him what day it was. Upon hearing the news he smiles, laughs maniacally and tells the boy that he’s extending warranties on all Xbox 360’s before tossing down a handful of shillings and demanding the boy run to town to buy a fattened hen and to then deliver it to Microsoft’s head of teatotalling Bob Cratchit.

God bless us, everyone! 

[Via Gamasutra

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