Microsoft explains why the 360’s user interface needed a makeover

Speaking with OXM, Xbox LIVE general manager Marc Whitten recently commented on why the current Xbox 360 dashboard, in addition to the Marketplace, will be replaced for something entirely different this fall.

In regards to 360 owners, he says: “they might not have known they could look at photos. They might not know they could plug in their iPods or watch movies. We found out that when they did know, they were much happier and felt like they were getting more value.”

Marc goes on to say that “when we designed our Marketplace we expected 100-200 items to be in there.” With that number now in the range of 20,000, he concludes that “it’s too hard to find content and people get lost in the user interface.”

I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. And because the new interface “isn’t about removing anything,” your collection of themes and Gamer Pics will continue to function once the update hits. Happy now?

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