Microsoft expects PS3 to lead for a second month

When we said that the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 in January, Destructoid’s readership was not surprised. Now Microsoft gives us a heads-up on the February NPD numbers, and they think that the PS3 will beat them out again. Are you surprised?

Ah, but Microsoft is not taking it like a man (men?). Again, they’re playing the “console shortage” card, even though an analyst recently said that there is an “ample supply” of Xbox 360 consoles now available. They follow this claim up with harsh words:

“Our expectation is that because of our shortages at retail during February, we will sell less than PS3,” Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg told Next-Gen. “That’s not a surprise to us. I don’t know what Sony’s reaction will be to that, but it will definitely be a bit of a hollow victory. The competition sure didn’t show up [in February].”

Microsoft, it’s okay to be outsold. Really. The PS3 was outsold for about a year! Let’s be a good sport.

We’ll know the actual numbers sometime later this morning as the NPD numbers for February come out.

[Thanks, JR] 

Dale North