Microsoft doesn’t try to make excuses in light of disc-scratch lawsuit

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft has been slapped with yet another lawsuit, this one alleging that the platform holder knew all about the Xbox 360’s tendency to scratch discs yet did nothing to fix the problem.

Microsoft, to be fair, has made no excuses for this. No, why make excuses when you can just point fingers and downplay the problem? In lieu of trying to explain itself, MS has instead decided to argue the “other people do it too” defense, claiming that the disc scratch errors are “not unique” to the 360 and that “too much movement of any game console” will result in a scratched disc. Of course, “too much” can mean anything. 

MS has also stated that the problem of gouged discs affects “much less than one percent” of all customers. Of course, compared to the percentage of people who have had Xbox 360s just suddenly stop working, it is a rather small issue.

A small issue it may be, and Microsoft may have issued warnings in the manual and on the disc tray. If you tip your Xbox 360 while playing, that’s certainly your lookout, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Xbox 360 is, as a piece of hardware, a pile of sh*t. Nonsense like this, on top of everything else, just adds another entry to Microsoft’s list of console design crimes.

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