Microsoft aims for one Kinect-enabled XBLA game a month

The Kinect can do a few cool things, and there’s some neat experiences like Child of Eden, but I need more to feel like I got my money’s worth for this strange bar with eyes. There’s 10 million Kinect units out there, but not a lot of games. Microsoft aims to push out more Kinect-enabled games to help this situation. 

We know about the first-party push for Kinect functionality, but now it looks like some XBLA Kinect-enabled games are also coming. You can expect at least one a month according to EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region product marketing manager Robin Burrowe.

“We’re targeting a frequency of about one a month from the Xbox Live Arcade portfolio that will have Kinect integration,” told CVG. “That will really be powerful and differentiate the platform.”

I’m looking forward to Fruit Ninja Kinect, which launches next week. My nephew is too. The teen is somewhat impressed that I write about and play videogames for a living, but he was blown away that I had already played Fruit Ninja Kinect when we last talked.

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