Microsoft admits the NXE can break 360 audio outputs, working on fix

Oh Microsoft. Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. After a somewhat successful launch of its New Xbox Experience, you would think that for once, we had escaped widespread reports of the usual bullsh*t linked to the Xbox 360. Think again.

Microsoft has confirmed that a number of Xbox 360s have had their audio output broken by the NXE, rendering certain HDMI-connected consoles completely mute. Apparently, there is a compatibility issue with the NXE’s updated HDCP handshake which essentially means that an HDMI connection cannot be established.

“While the vast majority of our users worldwide are enjoying the New Xbox Experience with no problems, we are aware that a handful of Xbox LIVE users are experiencing audio issues, and are diligently monitoring this issue and working towards a solution,” Microsoft confessed in a statement. “We appreciate our members’ enthusiasm and patience, and apologize for any inconveniences.”

I guess we can’t be too hard on them, really. It wouldn’t be the Xbox 360 without something completely f*cking up for somebody.

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