Metroid Prime Trilogy trailer reminds us of the greatness

The Metroid Prime Trilogy, being released by Nintendo on Aug. 24, is the same three Prime games we played before just with Wii controls added to the two GameCube games in the pack, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Why do I want it so bad then!? I’ve played all these games multiple times and it isn’t just the sexy box art that is attracting me. Maybe I just want another excuse to experience them again.

The trailer Nintendo put together isn’t helping me not spend my money on games I already own either. Not only does it bring back plenty of awesome memories from the games, but it also reminds us of how epic the score for the games were. In my opinion the games had some of the most atmospheric music in gaming and it fit so well with Metroid‘s solitary feeling. Hit the jump to be reminded why you want this bundle so bad.

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