Metroid prequel fan game is out now, but how long will it survive?

In a world where Nintendo ignores Metroid…

Most Nintendo fans agree that if there’s one series that the publisher consistently fumbles, it’s Metroid. Okay, so I get that maybe they weren’t thrilled with the reception with Other M, but to see them shut down other fan games in addition to completely ignoring Metroid‘s 30th anniversary? That kind of sucks.

Still, fans aren’t going to stop, as evidenced by this prequel fan game Metroid: Rogue Dawn. It’s set before Zero Mission and deals with a scenario that was mentioned in the original Metroid game manual — explaining anything beyond that will probably spoil it for you. It’s not just a simple ROM hack, because while it does use the original engine, the team rebuilt nearly all of its assets and it contains original music.

Historically ROM hacks have been safe from cease and desist letters from Nintendo, but that hasn’t been the case as of late. This one might even be gone by the end of the month on official channels.

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