Meteos Wars hitting XBLA this Wednesday for 800 MS Points

Q Entertainments addictive puzzler Meteos Wars will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft Points. The game was originally set for an October release, but was delayed because Microsoft likes to make your lives miserable. 

Originally released on the Nintendo DS, the idea behind Meteos is simple — match like colors by moving blocks, turning them into rockets and shooting them up into space. Meteos Wars keeps this basic gameplay, swapping the the stylus controls of the DS version for a dual-stick scheme that takes awhile to get used to (you move a cursor by the left stick, move blocks with the right). 

Meteos Wars also features some new modes, including head-to-head local and multiplayer battles. It also features a pretty killer soundtrack, which I didn’t remember from the DS version.

So guys, tell me whose ass I’m going to be kicking online come Wednesday. Who’s picking this one up with me?

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