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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn

Not your everyday JRPG

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The long-awaited Western release of Metal Max Xeno Reborn is finally here on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, and Pochi the cannon-packing pooch is calling your name.

Not only can you “pet the dog” in this post-apocalyptic open-world JRPG from Kadokawa Games, he’s actually an active part of the squad! Some might even say Pochi is the MVP. Together, you’ll face ferocious oddball threats like dinosaur battleships, massive sand sharks, and missile-armed rhinos. This isn’t your average JRPG tank adventure, that’s for sure.

Metal Max Xeno Reborn is one of many RPGs in the lovably outlandish Metal Max series, which dates all the way back to the early ’90s on Famicom. If you’re looking for an easy entry point, Reborn is definitely it — it’s a new-and-improved remake of 2018’s Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PlayStation Vita. In an ongoing war against the supercomputer NOA, you’ll join the fray as Talis.

While exploring the wastes of Tokyo Bay on foot and in a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles, Talis will band together with fellow survivors to fend off machines and save what’s left of humankind.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn RPG Party

Real-time vehicular action in the post-apocalypse

Best of all, the skirmishes in Metal Max Xeno Reborn take place on the open-world map, so you can choose your moment to strike and even gain the upper hand from afar. The game’s dynamic combat system blends fast-paced real-time movement with turn-based JRPG sensibilities.

As your party gains experience points and scavenges for parts, you’ll learn new combat techniques and have more heavily-armored toys to play with — customization is the name of the game here. Just don’t forget to feed Pochi some snacks while you’re out there grinding!

To take down the big boss monsters of Metal Max Xeno Reborn, you’ll need to exploit weaknesses to burn, freeze, and beam, among other elements. And when you’re picking out the ideal engine and weapons for your dream tank loadout, you’ll also want to consider special trait chips — they offer powerful bonuses like a multi-shot and increased critical chance. Who doesn’t love to land crits?

As the launch trailer shows, this game’s cult-classic vibes are front and center. If you’re looking for something different in the JRPG crowd that you can sink your teeth into, Metal Max Xeno Reborn could be your new jam. Don’t sweat it too much, but humanity is counting on you here.

You can cozy up with your monster-hunting, machine-blasting, apocalypse-canceling crew starting today. Metal Max Xeno Reborn is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.

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