Metal Gear Survive adds co-op rescue missions

And it’s now possible to reach Base Camp Lv. 3

I had a decent enough time with Metal Gear Survive and, going forward, I’m curious to see how long its post-release support lasts. Today’s update has new co-op rescue missions in which you’ll sneak around Wanderer hordes with a survivor on your back, as well as an event called “The Captive Ferrymen.”

Along with these changes, you’ll find a bunch of other stuff in the 1.04 update:

  • Added controller customization features
  • Speeding up the digging of the Wormhole Digger will be reflected on personal score
  • Added new plan to Base Camp Dig
  • Added enhancement items for weapons and gears (Legendary)
  • Bug fixes and game balance changes

As it now stands, it’s possible to reach Lv. 3 for your Base Camp in single-player. The plans can be earned from Base Camp Dig 05, and with them, you’ll have a bit more room to work with.

I’ve already had my fill of Survive and don’t care to finish the post-game or max out my secondary character class. That said, I may pop back in from time to time depending on how these updates go.

Update 1.04 is Now Available [Konami]

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