Metal Gear Online PS4 release trolled by ancient PSN update procedures

Par for the course

One of the chief problems I have with the PS4 is the way the storefront (and subsequently, the release of most games) works. Not only has the latest patch mucked up the UI for the PS Store to include more clicks to get what you want (why is the PS+ section like five menus now?), but the method in regards to how the servers update is pretty bad, and consistently causes problems for users and press alike.

While select games (usually AAA) can be downloaded from the PSN before launch, often times I can’t get a review copy of a game until the PSN actually updates, which is sometime in the evening (Sony doesn’t even give an exact time) on Tuesdays. As a result, all of the PS+ games, smaller titles, and items such as DLC aren’t available until that window. Indie developers often have their hands tied, and give out PC or Xbox One codes instead of PS4 due to this issue. Compare this to something like Steam or Xbox One, which have midnight unlocks for all games, not just big-ticket items.

This system is currently impacting the launch of Metal Gear Online. Konami’s servers are live — players can download the new update to access the MGO file, but can’t actually download the game itself because the PSN hasn’t updated yet. If you’re looking to get off work early or whatnot to play, just wait until the evening. We’ll provide a full review for the game in the near future.

Chris Carter
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