Meta is cutting the price of its Quest Pro and 256 GB Quest 2 VR headsets

Meta Quest Pro

The 128 GB stays where it is, though

Meta is dropping the cost of some of its virtual reality headsets, though one is staying right where it’s at. The 256 GB Meta Quest 2 and the newer Meta Quest Pro VR headsets are both seeing price cuts.

In a blog, Meta confirms the 256 GB Meta Quest 2 is dropping from $499.99 to $429.99. That price cut won’t be spiralling down to the lower-capacity 128 GB Meta Quest 2, which still sits at $399.99.

The Meta Quest Pro sees a deeper cut, dropping from $1,499.99 to $999.99. The changes will take place on March 5 for both US and Canada.

Meta says it’s goal “has always been to create hardware that’s affordable for as many people as possible to take advantage of all that VR has to offer.” Though the 128 GB isn’t dropping in price, the company says the lowered prices on both 256 GB and Quest Pro will make them more available.

The price of virtual reality

Meta Quest 2 headsets saw a price hike last year, when the company bumped the price of both the 128 GB and 256 GB models up by $100. When the Quest 2 launched in 2020, its wireless format, internal hardware, and price point all made for a very solid entry point into virtual reality.

That changed with the price shift though, and I don’t think the cut back down on the 256 GB model changes that. Especially for PlayStation 5 owners, who now have a shiny new headset option that’s in a similar price range.

What’s surprising to me here is the price cut on the Meta Quest Pro headset. A $500 price cut on a headset that debuted less than a year ago feels drastic. Granted, reviews of the headset weren’t all glowing, and with a big price point like that, there may still be some hesitancy to buy into the newer of Meta’s headsets.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter