Meta Knight line, purchase, unboxing, and 2-Pac

‘It’s like being sorta like-a nerd, except you’re cool’

Sometimes you get up in the morning and you need coffee. Sometimes on the way back from getting that coffee, you think “Is Best Buy open yet? Aren’t they selling a special amiibo today?” so you swing by and see that there’s pretty much no line. Then you find out that there was a line, but that since it’s freezing out, everyone was waiting in their cars, hoping that no one would be dumb enough to wait outside. When they see you approach the door, they get out of their cars and come shambling towards you en masse like a horde of frozen zombies, afraid that their precious amiibo may be at risk of being snatched from their icy, desperate grasp.

Sometimes you start talking to the guy at the front of the line and discover that he knows who you are. He’s a pretty cool guy, so you decide to hang out for a bit and get that amiibo, even though it’s cold and you have a billion other things you should be doing. Then you remember what you do for a living and think, “What the heck, I guess I’ll whip out my phone and make a video for my videogame blog.”

Sadly, the sound for that video sometimes gets all screwed up, probably because you got your phone wet during one of the five blizzards that leveled your town over the past month. So what do you do now, son? Well if you’re on point, you consult 2-Pac, then you finish your video. 

That’s what I did today. I hope you like how it turned out!

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