Merriam-Webster just added you to the dictonary

Congratulations! You don’t need to worry about obtaining that fifteen minutes anymore. Now you’ll be famous forever with your new entry in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Well, it’s not just you. It’s many of us. The latest batch of new additions to the dictionary included the word “fanboy.” You might be surprised to hear that Merriam-Webster has the year 1919 marked as the first use of the word. What kind of fanboys did they have then? Was it just fans of moonshine and Ford Model-T cars?

Fanboy (1919): boy who is an enthusiastic devotee, such as of comics or movies. 

I think they could have expanded on that a bit. They nailed the “comics” part, but the glaring omission of “video games” (they space it, we don’t) needs to be remedied.

Other new words that may interest you include the always yummy snack edamame, the equally yummy Korean booze soju (I got tore down on this once), and the overused air quotes. I like words! Does that make me a word fanboy?

Fun note: My spell check marked all of these words wrong.

[Via Joystiq – Thanks, TrailerParkJesus]

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