Mega Man X DiVE is out next month, and you can pre-register for it now

Remember Rockman Xover? I hope this fares better than that

So, Mega Man [Rockman] X DiVE is coming very soon.

Billed as an all-star return of sorts, the mobile game (Android, iOS) is a deep dive into the world of the Mega Man X series, with all sorts of “remember this” paraphernalia and fan service (a playable Vile comes to mind immediately).

Pre-registration is available for every region, though there is a strict list of areas where it’s playable now: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. If you do pre-register, you’ll get the playable Alia character.

Mega Man X DiVE is out on March 4. Closed beta tests were held late last year, and the game seems fully ready to launch without any further delays.

Pre-register [Capcom] [Thanks Rick!]

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