Mega Man 9 shirts to be made available to adoring public

If you saw either Chad’s Mega Man 9 box art worship post, or my brief interview with Takashita-san about how awesome his box art adorned t-shirt was, then you know that some of us here at the ‘toid are hankering for some irony packed videogame attire. Capcom has heard our our cry, and they have answered the call. According to, the Mega Man 9 box art image all of E3 fell in love with will make it’s way to retail t-shirts (and hopefully designer suits, lunch boxes, and home wallpapers) sometime in the coming months. 

It is truly a magical and wonderful time when we can buy a t-shirt for $15-$20 that depicts the imaginary box art of a game that only costs $10. The Jetsons could only dream of a future this weird and awesome. 

Thanks KamikazeTutor for the image

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