Mega Man 9 coming to WiiWare, Spacecat yawns and goes back to sleep

Secrets are hard to keep, as our own industry insider connection Spacecat can agree, and this one has finally burst from the seams with a real announcement in Nintendo Power: Mega Man 9 will be coming to WiiWare. Even more interesting, the game looks like a retro Mega Man title. Wasn’t RetroforceGO! just talking about how the series could be revived with a return to its roots?

You may have to squint to read the fine print, but the scans from the article have been posted on community member nilcam’s c-blog, which you can check out here. By scrutinizing these on my monitor, I was able to tell that the title will have a more in-depth story than previous titles, and everything down to the music and sound effects is 8-bit-style. To sum up — every retro fan in the world is going to cry crystalline tears of ecstatic joy.

Now that it’s in print, details will probably begin to spill out faster than the speed of light, but until then, we have a lot to be happy about. Looks like Koji Igarashi isn’t the only man in the business paying attention to the rallied cries of retro gamers. Viva La Mega Man!

Colette Bennett