Meet Leliana, a wicked chick in Dragon Age: Origins

Meet Leliana, a “deadly lass” in Dragon Age: Origins. Once a bard — a position that doubles as an assassin or spy in the game’s fiction — Leliana has tried to redeem her violent soul by living a peaceful life appeasing the Maker in the Chantry. Her past doesn’t stay in the past once players jump into the game. The Maker — a wonderful chap, apparently — tells her to take up her old profession(s) again and return to killing and decapitating dragons (or whatever bards do).

The above video tells a bit of this story and shows Leliana doing her thing — hacking monsters, getting blood all over Chantry clothing, and having sex.

Origins is still set to release on the PC and Xbox 360 on November 3rd. The PS3 version will follow in later November.

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