Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free on Origin right now

Please, EA, please make good Medal of Honor games again…

Heads up, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free on Origin right now. Add it to your account, and you get to keep it forever!

If you ask someone what their favourite Medal of Honor game is, you generally get one of two answers: Allied Assault or Airborne. While both are good (I’m an Airborne kind of guy myself), it does show just how woefully underrated Pacific Assault is, because it easily holds up in comparison to both of those games.

Pacific Assault takes the Allied Assault formula and sends it to the Pacific Theater of Operations, something that isn’t explored nearly enough in games. It’s got Pearl Harbor, the Makin Island raid, the Battle for Henderson Field, and a whole load of other conflicts generally set aside in World War II games to make way for yet more France.

Pacific Assault is good stuff, and seeing as it’s free I totally recommend you pick it up. And then try out Airborne, because Airborne is great too.

God I miss when Medal of Honor was good…

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