McFarlane shows off pictures of their Guitar Hero III Slash figure

[As originally posted on Tomopop]

I happen to know McFarlane toys have it in them to create great collectibles. The Manga Spawn series is an excellent example, and their Call of Duty figures are perfection down to the last detail. That being said, the frustration with the newest pics of this exclusive Slash from Guitar Hero III is not the quality overall — obviously it’s well made. But what is with that face, man?

Slash definitely hides under hair, that I would never question. It just stumps me at what point the bottom half of his face got so weirdly .. wide. You can see a full length picture in the gallery, courtesy fo the exclusive premiere over at MTV Multiplayer. Slash and the others in the line will retail for between $10 and $15 and you can expect to see this one available around February 2009. Sorry McFarlane … I’m passing on this one.

[Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett