Maybe you can get a white Xbox One with Master Chief Collection, too

You didn’t think Microsoft wouldn’t offer a bundle, did you?

Lately, Microsoft’s been doing a great job of using the seemingly limited white Xbox One as a way to simultaneously move consoles and copies of Sunset Overdrive. If a photograph out of Brasil Game Show is to be believed, Microsoft may soon offer the same incentive, but instead of with a new IP, bundled with a title that’s much more familiar in the videogame world.

As reported on NeoGAF, Microsoft appears poised to reveal a white Xbox One bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection at Brasil Game Show. The combination makes sense, as many believe that Master Chief Collection will be a system-seller for Microsoft. Packing it in with a special console just makes the prospect all that more alluring.

The South American trade show runs from October 9 through October 12, so we’ll have to wait until then for confirmation of its existence and any details.

White Console Master Chief Collection Bundle Appears [NeoGAF]

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