Matthew Sweet considering lawsuit over use of ‘Girlfriend’ in Guitar Hero II

From the outside looking in, I’m not exactly sure why an artist wouldn’t want his or her music in a popular music game, but singer-songwriter Matthew Sweet isn’t all that thrilled. Speaking with North County Times, Sweet says he was unaware that his song “Girlfriend” would be included in 2006’s Guitar Hero II

“I’ve been trying to see if I can get a lawsuit against them ’cause they never asked to use the song,” Sweet said right after noting that “a lot of kids have gotten into” his music because of the inclusion of the song in the title. 

“I found out that the Romantics have a lawsuit going against the makers of that game,” he continued, referencing the lawsuit over a cover version of their song “What I Like About You” in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. “I don’t know if the Romantics are going to win their suit, but it’s really weird. I’ve never sued anyone in my life, but I don’t think it would amount to much anyway.”

Sweet is right — the Romantics suit was recently thrown out of court because, and forgive my lack of legalese, the whole thing was stupid to begin with.

While I can understand wanting credit for the use of your music, even if it’s in the form of cold hard cash, it’s difficult to see why one wouldn’t want their music heard by a potentially new audience. If the inclusion of the song results in more sales on iTunes, more records sold, higher concert attendance, or more shirts pushed out of Hot Topic, why all the hate?


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