Matt Hazard review copies arrive with fake gaming mag that the kids will enjoy

Our review copies of D3’s Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard hit our offices today, and I’ve been “tweeting” about the game more than I had expected to. Does that mean it’s good? Does that mean it’s bad? You’ll have to wait for our review for that one (or ignore us and go buy it).

Along with our review copies came a fake gaming magazine called Continue?, which tries to perpetuate the whole “Matt Hazard as a classic videogame hero” marketing thing D3’s got going on. Particularly cute is the old-school, NES-style Matt Hazard box art, and the G.I. Joe figure knock-off bio-cards for some of the game’s key characters. Did you know that Hazard is a “Super Heavy Hero Duder Man”? Well now you do. 

I pulled myself away from tweeting about Matt Hazard long enough to scan the magazine; check it out in the gallery.

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