Massive Halo Infinite update adds more achievements and much-delayed modes

Massive Halo Infinite update

Network campaign co-op and campaign mission replays are among what’s added

I enjoyed Halo Infinite at launch, but there was a lot that was promised that needed to eventually make it in. It seems as if this November update is going to make due on a lot of prior delays.

Here are the main sticking points of the Halo Infinite 2022 November Patch:

  • Network campaign co-op (four player co-op in the campaign)
  • Campaign mission replay (this seems like a launch type feature, but it’s here now)
  • More campaign achievements (420 additional Gamerscore)
  • Forge mode (in beta form)
  • Season pass progression updates (more of a focus on match XP)
  • A 30-tier winter battle pass is live

Studio 343 explains that you can play the “entire Halo Infinite campaign together” with up to four players in total, so it doesn’t seem like a half-measure. As for the Forge, 343 stresses that it’s in beta form: “Halo Infinite Forge mode is currently in a beta state, meaning that additional improvements are planned. The Forge Beta will support canvas maps and not developer-made maps (such as Live Fire, Recharge, Fragmentation, etc.). Support for developer-made maps will be implemented in a future update.”

Weirdly, 343 still hasn’t figured out battle pass progression yet, and will be implementing a “match XP beta” (what?) on top of the challenge system.

Here’s a brief look at the changes to Halo Infinite’s XP progression system:

  • Arena Match Complete: 150 XP
  • Big Team Battle (BTB) Match Complete: 250 XP
  • Featured Match Complete: 200 XP
  • Winning Team: 50 XP
  • Match MVP: 50 XP
  • Top 50% of Team: 50 XP
  • Free-For-All placement
    • 1st: 150 XP
    • 2nd: 100 XP
    • 3rd: 50 XP
    • 4th: 50 XP
    • 5th: 50 XP

If you can believe it, progression systems in live service games that have been in operation for nearly a year need betas.

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