Massive ads for the tiny Guitar Hero DS

Today, Motamedia announced that they weren’t going to pull any punches with the advertising of Guitar Hero On Tour. Instead of the typical magazine ads or space in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, potential consumers will be assaulted huge advertisements on the sides of 30-to-40 foot trucks. The move was made in order to reach “a wide audience in areas largely uncluttered with other forms of advertising.” Colin Smith, Motamedia’s MD, had this to say about the brand of advertising:

Our advertising is particularly suitable for a game that can be played on the move, and Activision’s state of the art graphics have created a particularly striking campaign.

Just like Smith, every time I think of motion, my mind instantly wanders to Guitar Hero On Tour. At first I thought my obsessive thoughts were just the result of continuous play. Now, though, I suspect that it may be part of Activision and Motamedia’s previous advertising attempts at using microwaves to carry messages to my brain. What next Motamedia? Will you poison my drink or clone my girlfriend?


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