Latest Spider-Man 2 trailer looks at its open world features

Do whatever a spider can.

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It’s almost time for Spider-Man 2, and it’s in that sentiment that Insomniac Games has revealed a brand new look at the game in today’s PlayStation State of Play. In this first look at how the sequel aims to evolve the open world concept, senior director Bryan Intihar showed off the game’s world, which has effectively doubled in size when you consider the inclusion of both Brooklyn and Queens. 

Players can now take advantage of the web-wings, which, when paired with traditional web-slinging, can completely change how they explore the game world. There will be more varied locales to check out with these new transportation mechanics, including Midtown High and Miles Morales’ very own Brooklyn Visions Academy. As players traverse New York fighting baddies left and right, they will be able to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales at will, and because of the PlayStation 5’s advanced hardware, the transition time is nearly nonexistent, according to Intihar.

Tied to the increased size of the overworld is the new district rewards system which will unlock a variety of rewards, including fast travel points, on the off chance players don’t feel like manually traveling. One feature that makes a return from past installments is the ability to customize appearance. According to Intihar, Spider-Man 2 will feature more than 65 different suits to pick from.

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