Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC apology patch out now, DLC will be free

Many fixes in tow on PC

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was messy at launch — especially on PC. The most egregious problem of all is that PC players couldn’t remap their controls, but that, among a few other issues (crackling audio, multiplayer invites, and UI problems) have been addressed with a patch yesterday.

Activision also notes that while Ultimate Alliance is A-OK when it comes to its DLC, the original is still borked. In time, there will be a free update that implements that game’s add-on characters on all platforms.

So yeah, better late than never I guess. It would have been great if this wasn’t pushed out of the gate like this, but at least they’re talking, and keen on fixing it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC Will Be Free, PC Patch Out Now [Game Informer]

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