Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Marvel Knights DLC arrives today

Curse of the Vampire

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Buzz for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has dulled a bit in the weeks since its release, but it’s about to get relevant again with the launch of the Curse of the Vampire DLC.

Out now, the DLC adds Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius to the playable character roster, as part of the “Marvel Knights” team-up source material. It’ll also bring a new mode into the fray: “In Gauntlet Mode, up to four players take on a frenzied series of co-op challenges in rapid succession to earn rewards. Once you’ve cleared a Gauntlet, you will unlock a survival-style version of it with continuous waves of challenges. Find out how long you can last and see how your score stacks up with online rankings.”

Remember, the season pass is 20 bucks, and you cannot purchase any DLC piecemeal at this time (this was reconfirmed by Nintendo this week), so make sure you read some reviews before you pull the trigger, or better yet just wait until the entire pass is out, then make a decision.

If you aren’t ponying up there’s some free content on the way too. The latest content update added new Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America costumes, as well as the “Nightmare” difficulty setting for repeated playthroughs. There’s a lot more free DLC on the way in the form of outfits and characters, as scores of them were datamined earlier this year.

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