Martial Arts RPG Phantom Blade Zero announced for PS5 and PC

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66 Days to Live

As part of the 2023 Playstation Showcase, we’ve been given an extensive look at Phantom Blade Zero. It is a “Spirtual Rebirth” of the Rainblood games, which were previously never released outside of China.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Phantom Blade Zero follows a seemingly doomed protagonist. The game is set in a place called the “Phantom World,” and said protagonist is an assassin named Soul. It’s described as an action-RPG and is a mix of Chinese Martial arts and Steampunk. The trailer demonstrates a number of facets of gameplay, including setpiece moments and combat.

The world is described as semi-open, with the S-Game Studio Founder saying, “Phantom Blade Zero unfolds in a semi-open world, consisting of multiple large maps filled with diverse, handcrafted activities.” He also goes onto describe the style as “Bleak and punishing.” That may sound like Dark Souls, but the combat depicted in the trailer looks nothing like that. The enemy design definitely has some things in common with Sekiro, at least.

No release date is stated, but it’s currently announced for PC and PS5.

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