Mark Rein on fixing Gears of War 2 multiplayer: ‘Chill folks, we’re on the job’

While last month’s Gears of War 2 patch did remedy many of the issues players have been experiencing with the game’s online multiplayer, there’s still much work to be done in the lag department as well as a few other areas.

The main Epic Games man himself Mark Rein made a reassuring forum post on the matter not too long ago saying, “Just relax folks. We are going to make improvements to the multiple aspects of the multiplayer portion of the game over time. I’m confident that many of the things that concern you will be addressed.”

With the pure might and muscular goodness Epic has at its disposal, I’m not very worried about this whole situation for the time being. It didn’t take terribly long for the first Gears 2 patch to come out, so it’s safe to assume the next one won’t keep us waiting for too long either.

[Via VideoGamer]

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