Mark Rein: GoW on PS3 rumors “complete bull****”

Addressing the rumors that Gears of War would be coming to the PlayStation 3 in the future, as well as lingering gossip that Epic and Microsoft have bad blood between them, Epic’s Mark Rein recently confirmed that the words of the fishwives were “complete bull****”. 

“This story is complete bull****. I emailed the site and asked them to take it down. We’re very happy with our relationship with Microsoft. If it weren’t for them Gears wouldn’t be the huge hit it has become.”

The interesting thing is Rein’s statement that Epic are happy with Microsoft, despite the claims of many that the opposite is true, with frustrations exacerbated by that whole “Microsoft charging for stuff that Epic wanted to give away for free” business. He could of course be blowing smoke up The ‘Soft’s backside, but it’s not like the current darlings of American games development to keep their thoughts to themselves.

Personally, as long as Gears of War keeps coming to the Xbox 360 now and in the future, then it can go get released on the Commodore 64 for all I care. Hopefully Microsoft and Epic continue to make out behind the bike shed for a long time to come. 

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