Mario Kart Wii will support text chat. Welcome to 1994, Nintendo

Nintendo has recently announced some of the new online features that Mario Kart Wii will contain. First, lets start with the good. The game will be up to 12 players online and players will also be able to watch their friend’s race in spectator mode. You’ll also be able to compare your race times against other players through the Mario Kart Channel. Easily the best part of Mario Kart’s online service is that you’ll be able to download other people’s ghost data so you can see how they were able to get such a good time on tracks.

Now here’s the bad news: You can talk to your friends, but only through text. You can create a room and invite people to text while waiting to play the game, but you can only text them in these rooms. And God knows how broken the texting system will be. If it’s anything like Opera’s text Wiimote interface, then forget about it. 

How long is it going to take Nintendo to realize their Online service is completely broken? At least the service is free … oh wait, nevermind!

Hamza Aziz