Mario Golf developer announces Capcom published Wii Love Golf

According to the latest issue of the Japanese videogame magazine Weekly Famitsu, Camelot Software (Mario Golf) has announced Wii Love Golf … for the Wii, of course. The title will be published by Capcom in Japan, and will feature anime-style characters along the lines of what’s seen in the Hot Shots series of games. 

Not surprisingly, the Wii remote will act as a golf club, with players pointing at the screen to choose direction. When the player swings, the game will switch to a first person view that simulates the swing of a real golf club, with the ball on the floor.

The game is schedule for a Winter release in Japan, but there’s no word on whether or not Wii Love Golf will make its way to the states. If anything, it’s almost a given that we’ll see a Mario Golf title released for the Wii, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Wii Love Golf were the template for such a title. A golf title just isn’t a golf title unless Wario yells “CAMELOT!” when you start it up.

[Via 1UP]

Nick Chester