Mario and friends appear in new Taiko Drum Master game

Mario, Luigi and others appear in the newest Taiko title from Namco Bandai, Taiko Drum Master Wii 3. Coming right alongside tracks from New Super Mario Bros. Wii are the brothers themselves, Mario and Luigi. In the screens you can also see Koopa and the kids and some Toad.

There are over 70 songs in this new title, with tracks pulled from games like Ace Combat X2, Ridge Racer 4, God Eater and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Other cameos include Idolmaster‘s idols and the Felynes from Monster Hunter.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also seven minigames, says Andria Sang. In them you’ll play with up to three other players to keep good rhythm to do things like bonk alligators with hammers, or keep the lights lit in a haunted house. One of the minigames, To the Heavens: Cake Tower, has you ascending a cake tower with a friend. You work as a team to climb up. If you get caught in a “creme avalanche” you have to pound on the taiko as fast as you can to escape. That sounds fantastic!

Taiko Drum Master 3: Everyone’s Party comes out in Japan this December.

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