Man swears off Xbox after son spends $8,000 on FIFA microtransactions

I’d be swearing, too

It’s not just Kanye who hates microtransactions. Canada’s Lance Perkins is upset after his 17-year-old son unwittingly charged $7,625.88 in FIFA microtransactions to the credit card he was granted for emergencies and family purchases.

“He thought it was a one-time fee for the game,” Perkins said.  “He’s just as sick as I am, [because] he never believed he was being charged for every transaction, or every time he went onto the game.”

The credit card company wouldn’t address the charge unless Perkins would charge his own son with fraud. Perkins reached out to Microsoft and was told the bill stands, though whomever he was in contact with said they’d look into the charge after Perkins explained his son is a minor. Microsoft got back to CBC with a statement encouraging, “parents to use the many platform and service features we make available to prevent unapproved charges.”

Perkins has taken an understandably hard-line stance in response to the ridiculous bill, saying, “There will never be another Xbox system–or any gaming system–in my home.”

Pembroke parent gets $8K Xbox bill after son racks up charges [CBC]

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